About the Author

Ernest Wong is a chartered accountant and currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. Since his 2 redundancies in 2006 and 2008 respectively he became aware of the facts that clinging on job security and if possible, climbing up the corporate ladder or waiting on a pay rise seemed unrealistic. Since then Ernest realised that there were only 2 ways to get a full control over his financial life – by owning a business, or/and by investing. He just believed, and still believes that being an employee and have the salary as one’s only income source is extremely risky nowadays.

Ernest is now wearing 4 hats – 1) a finance manager of a multinational (employee); 2) a FX/stocks/options trader (self-employed); 3) an entrepreneur; and 4) a property investor. With these under his belt, Ernest certainly feels more secured in terms of financial security and financial freedom. Certainly he can do it, so do you. And this journal is a primary reason Ernest wants to share his life experience with you, by reflecting his opinions/thoughts on some personal finance and self-improvement issues that may be relevant to you, either be them locally in Australasian region, or globally world-wide.

Please feel free to contact Ernest whenever you want to share with him your thoughts/opinions on any specific topics/blogs, or general life experience. He is looking forward to hearing from you!


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